Mazen El Kerdy


About Mazen

Work Experience

Medical Representative

to whom it may concern,

My job in Lebanon, is to visit doctors in the Hamra, Beirut region and based on their specialty, I would recommend prescribing one of Alampharm's products. The specialties i visit are: Cardio, Family medicine, Endocrinologists, Internal medicine, Gynecologists, Nephrologists, Oncologists. All of Alampharm's products are vitamins which makes it even harder to convince the physicians to prescribe them, however, with little experience in this field i was able to make a change and push my numbers to a higher level compared to the Medical representative who was working there before me, and because of that, the CEO insisted on giving me two more regions in Beirut, where i also made a difference and the results are showing. 

Santé service

i worked in the pharmacy as a pharmacist there where i interacted with different customers/patients. All of these patients were treated according to the guidelines specified to each sickness. In the pharmacy, i learned how to manage the stock of the pharmacy because there were a lot of Physicians that come and buy vaccines for their patients as well, which taught me how to order from the companies and introduced me to multiple sales managers at the biggest pharma companies in Lebanon.

Education & Training

Lebanese American University
bachelor of science at the LAU
United Arab Emirates
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