Mohammad Shan


About Mohammad

IT professional with over 5 year’s experience covering all aspects of Software / Hardware / Networking / Security cycle including design, development / implementation and maintenance. Vast experience in driving successful implementations in various segments.


  • Codeigniter
  • LAMP
  • PHP

Work Experience

Senior Web Developer
The Human Team - Remote

The Human Team - Remote

Senior Web Developer

As a Software Engineer and Team Manager, I have played a pivotal role in driving successful projects and leading high-performing teams. Notably, I spearheaded the development of a Patient Engagement system using PHP, revolutionizing the way healthcare organizations interact with their patients by creating a comprehensive platform for improved engagement and better healthcare outcomes. In addition, I championed the creation of COS, an Opinion system for surveys, empowering organizations to gather valuable insights and feedback from stakeholders to make data-driven decisions. My expertise in frameworks such as Codeigniter, Laravel, and Slim has been instrumental in delivering salable and maintainable applications tailored to the specific requirements of each project. Furthermore, I have demonstrated proficiency in configuring Android devices to sync with dashboards, optimizing data integration and facilitating real-time monitoring. As a Linux specialist, I have excelled in deploying and managing Linux servers, leveraging my deep understanding of various distributions and tools to ensure optimal performance and security. Overall, my experience as a Software Architect and Team Manager encompasses a diverse range of responsibilities, showcasing my ability to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and deliver successful outcomes.

Smart Ideaz

Senior Software Engineer

Successfully led the development of a dynamic portal site in PHP, showcasing my expertise in various aspects of web development. I have designed and implemented a jQuery-based chat engine, enabling real-time messaging within the portal site. Additionally, I created a robust mailbox system for seamless internal communication, ensuring efficient sending and receiving of emails. Furthermore, I integrated a secure payment gateway into the portal site, facilitating smooth and protected online transactions. With my strong scripting skills, I effectively maintained individual user accounts, ensuring data privacy and security. Moreover, my proficiency in building and administering Ubuntu Linux/Windows-based servers and networks played a pivotal role in establishing a stable and secure infrastructure for the portal site.


Integration Engineer

As an Integration Engineer, I have played a crucial role in ensuring smooth and efficient integration processes to meet the product data requirements of the company. A key aspect of my responsibilities involves managing and handling vast amounts of data in a data warehouse. With meticulous attention to detail, I have successfully maintained data accuracy, integrity, and availability within the warehouse, allowing for reliable and informed decision-making. Additionally, I have been extensively involved in the deployment and maintenance of databases, including Oracle, MySQL, and MSSQL, ensuring optimal performance and data security. Leveraging my expertise in SOAP and REST protocols, I have seamlessly integrated various systems, enabling smooth data exchange and interoperability. Through close collaboration with cross-functional teams, I have gathered requirements, analyzed integration needs, and proposed effective solutions to streamline data flows and enhance system interoperability. In summary, as an Integration Engineer, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise in managing data integration, deploying and maintaining databases, and facilitating seamless integration through SOAP and REST protocols, ultimately supporting the company's product data requirements with efficiency and precision.


Senior Web Developer

As a Senior Web Developer and Manager, my career has been characterized by my proficiency in software design, development, and project management. I excel in utilizing tools like UML2 specification by Poseidon for UML and ERD by DB Designer to create well-structured and scalable applications, ensuring their successful implementation. Throughout my journey, I have actively participated in the entire life cycle development of projects, including prominent ones such as IIRP Grad School ERP, netStride CMS (PHP), and several others, showcasing my commitment to delivering high-quality solutions while maintaining their ongoing maintenance and support. Moreover, I have demonstrated expertise in CMS integration and customization, particularly in projects involving Storey Marketing, where I have effectively tailored content management systems to meet the unique requirements of clients. In addition to my technical skills, I possess strong project management abilities, overseeing projects, engaging in client communication, and accurately estimating project timelines and resource allocation. With my comprehensive skill set, I am well-equipped to handle the responsibilities of a Senior Web Developer and Manager effectively.


Web Application Developer

As a skilled Web Application Developer, I have gained extensive experience in the full life cycle development, integration, and maintenance of diverse projects and applications. A significant accomplishment in my career has been leading the integration of a B2B Solution, similar to Alibaba, where I played a pivotal role in overseeing the entire development process from conception to deployment. Additionally, I have successfully contributed to the life cycle development of various projects, including the implementation of Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and the development and maintenance of other applications. Notably, I built a comprehensive networking system for a hospital, establishing a seamless communication infrastructure among different departments and systems. Furthermore, my proficiency in Linux server deployment and maintenance has allowed me to configure robust and secure server environments, while also ensuring the smooth operation and compatibility of Windows clients. Additionally, I have expertise in deploying and managing hardware and software firewalls for both Linux and Windows environments, ensuring network security and safeguarding against unauthorized access. With my extensive skill set, I am well-equipped to excel in web application development and provide effective maintenance and support.


• BS - Computer Science

• eACCP and HDSE (Higher Diploma in Software Engineering) from Aptech Worldwide