September 23, 2023


supervising the preparation of the warehouses to receive and store all the company’s purchases, providing the appropriate design, necessary ventilation, security and safety means, arranging, coordinating, and preserving the stock from damage or loss, and applying quality standards and measures that must be followed when receiving materials (according to the Ministry of Health’s instructions for the warehouse). Responsibilities include:

1. Coordinating with the warehouse management to prepare the stores to receive and store the goods and then deliver them to the customers correctly and on time.

2. Preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on damaged and stagnant items and submitting them to financial management.

3. Supervising the arrangement of goods in a way that facilitates transportation, handling, counting, and quickly identifying them, and ensuring their validity.

4. Maintaining necessary records showing the stored quantities of materials and their movement for control purposes and maintaining a minimum level for each type of stored materials.

5. Conducting periodic random inventory of the quantities in the warehouse and preparing related reports.

6. Supervising the receipt of incoming goods, examining them thoroughly, and ensuring their conformity in quantity and specifications as stated in the purchase statement.

7. Authorizing the return of goods returned by customers and storing them.

8. Supervising the implementation of procedures adopted by the company’s management regarding the disbursement, storage, receipt, and destruction of goods, in accordance with applicable official systems and instructions.

9. Ensuring the proper methods of preserving the received, stored, and shipped items are implemented by the warehouse workers and their use of the necessary tools and equipment correctly, as well as applying the approved stock policy.

10. Reviewing records for the accuracy of the information contained and its compliance with approved procedures, and determining the accuracy of stock levels.

11. Periodic inspection of the warehouse and the equipment used and their readiness.

12. Following up on item data and knowing the reasons for any differences (if any) between actual balances and balances recorded in the computer and taking the necessary corrective measures.

13. Approving manual disbursement bonds to send goods to customers.

14. Participating in planning the warehouse’s security means, following up on their maintenance, supervising the implementation of maintenance contracts, and provided services to the warehouse.

15. Participating in regular meetings to review future plans and study developments related to work.

16. Ensuring that no goods are disbursed from the warehouses to any customer or goods transferred except under a printed document from the computer bearing the branch’s serial number.

17. Supervising the warehouse’s private security and ensuring the warehouse is secured against theft and accidents.

Job Requirements:

– Experience of no less than 3 years in the field of warehouse management

– Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy

– Effective communication skills, leadership and supervision skills, and time management skills.

Minimum 3 years
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